Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Burbank 3D Expo january 2014 Brought Back To Mind Because Of An Interview With Kevin Mack I Found

I was glad to see this interview with Kevin Mack.
I was at the Burbank 3D expo last year primarily to meet Johann, the creator of the mini Kossel 3D printer, because I decided that was the best design for me to (try to) build. I didn't know so many types of products would be represented at the expo. The group Johann was working with had initiated a "pay it forward" process where each builder would get the parts needed to build their machine for free contingent on their obligation to give away 3 sets of parts once their machines were running.; conceptually beautiful on many levels. The software is very trig intensive because the format of the machine is an equilateral triangle. He was very matter of fact about the details as any genius would be when conversant on a subject. While exploring different areas of the expo hall, a security guard mentioned I should talk to Kevin since he was near his entry which was going to win. Turned out, she was married to the guy who put on the expo. I wandered over and was a little speechless since this was new to me. Lucky for me, one of Kevin's friends came over and through their conversation, I was able to contribute here and there because I had worked with special effects (SFX) with film early on and even interviewed at ILM after Star Trek 4 was filmed there, since I knew how to work the equipment there, from animation experience in Portland back then and loved it! Kevin has worked on several of the effects for movies as the interview reveals. I had taken a University class from a Disney artist who'd worked on characterizations of "Lady and the Tramp" and many others. The animation house I was associated with had orchestrated this outlet for this Disney artist who had just retired. We provided the outlet for his creativity and we were ecstatic about it, back in the early 80s! Consequently there were enough touch points to be able to converse with these giants!