Thursday, August 7, 2008

Who's winning? Begley or Gore?

Ed Begley may be inching ahead of Al Gore in saving the planet! He's upped the bar repeatedly showing what's possible with a huge disposable income. This, my friends, is leadership; acting on one's convictions. He's offering healthy guidance to those interested in his viewpoint. He may be a little insistent, but it's a free country and he's entitled to his own choices.

Anyone can jet around on money made from daddy's tobacco farm subsidies and claim to have the best snake oil known to man. Has there ever been anyone so obviously compensating for a guilty conscience? Has anyone ever calculated the surface area of tobacco that burns every day around the planet? Let's see; that's three eights of an inch times pi R squared times all the tobacco burned in a day equals alot of guilt. Certainly too much to take the risk of recalculating the whole global warming fear by having an open debate. Planet Earth evolves. If things are never supposed to change, maybe we should get these pesky humans off the planet. All this hair splitting becomes insignificant when real threats arise and we lose the luxury of worrying about the ozone hole. Perspective is what we lack in a country so full of self absorption.