Friday, February 12, 2010

Don't Let It Slip Away

Last week a disgruntled co-worker expressed his frustration with an engineer I’ll call “A”, with whom we both work. The previous week, my co-worker had let me know that a test was to be witnessed in order for a huge project to be officially released and had wanted to know if anything was missing. The only thing missing was a defining digit on a gui label in the system software. The whole project was on hold waiting for this five minute correction.
Unfortunately, manyana is the flavor of the month, every month with A. Letting things slip on our personal projects is our business, but when others are affected there can be consequences. Unfortunately, the only consequences for A’s actions are the diminished health of unnecessary stress to those around him. In the case of A, the refusal to act puts him in the spotlight, which he clearly enjoys, but complicates the lives of many. We don’t mind our own impediments; that’s life. But when we have a barrier in common that requires so much time looking for a key, it all seems so unnecessary.
Certainly we’re all busy and have a degree of procrastination in out lives, but our attitudes shape our future and define who we are by our actions. But it’s not clear to what degree our upbringing and culture determine our actions. Our current education system is reticent to glorify winners over losers, having removed keys for analysis in the classroom and put them in the courtroom. Any debate is effectively stiffled under the banner of political correctness. Free open debate has been core to American education since the beginning.
The USA has always been a melting pot of world cultures and we have a right to be proud of our creations. Many US citizens have fled oppressive regimes in countries embroiled in corruption. This country has seen a fresh start for millions. Corruption exists worldwide, but it is the downfall of civilizations. So when does corruption become systemic? We all play a part in keeping ours healthy by the choices we make. Comments, anyone? has a general aim of promoting a personal attitude where you find a key in your hand for whatever barrier you face. You know it!