Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jay Leno's Garage: Faro 3D Laser Scanner

It's a great time to be alive!!!

3D Printing in Animatronics: Easton LaChappelle at TEDxMileHigh

Brilliant progression mapped out driven by a need for economy owing to a teenager being industrious to conquer boredom.

And a word of warning to protesters comfortable with demonizing corporate capitalism, as you pick and choose deciding who is worthy of your paternalistic judgement. The next business that doesn't pass muster for your group may have brilliance such as this at it's core. Maybe protesters could do something a bit more worthwhile themselves.  Stopping productivity and/or regulating is just a burden and makes all our lives more expensive.  Please; use nuance in your judgement and think before you act?

Boy gets prosthetic hand made by 3-D printer

Attitude is everything!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bentley Drives Scalable Car Design with Stratasys 3D Printing

Bentley's process for visualization as they advance towards their finished product gives designers the capability to refine parts before production. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a model worth?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chinese Brush Painting with Suemae Lin Willhite

A co-worker once discovered I had an interest in video and art. I was blessed with an opportunity to bid on trying to figure out how to help his wife to realize the beauty of her expertise seen here. Suemae is a true artist in the traditions of Chinese Brush Painting.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Motorboating Girls for Breast Cancer Awareness (+playlist)

Amazing to see what these girls allowed when told that breast cancer awareness was being honored!

Monday, October 14, 2013

This Is The Kind Of ResourceFULLness We Don't Want

KSLA News 12 Shreveport, Louisiana News Weather This actually happened.  Someone discovered a glitch in the foodstamp program at this particular Walmart where the limit available on all accounts was lifted, so that foodstamp owners where looting the store! No one with respectable values would loot a store like this. Or, if these are the family values currently being taught, Heaven help us!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hitting The Reset Button At 61

The company that kept me employed for the last 20 years has decided that the manufacturing wing where I was  (note, was) a Sr. Electronic Test Tech should be moved to a State less hostile to profits.  The regulatory attitude of California's state officials is legend.  The question is, will they ever wake up and realize, despite  their erudite wisdom, that they've shot themselves in the foot by undermining their tax base?  Doesn't look like it.  My crystal ball is fuzzy on the future time frame of the chaos ahead.

Well, I could have moved with the company, which has turned out to have painted a slightly more rosy picture of what was in store for the dedicated in the newer location.  That's to be expected, because it all boils down to leverage.  If your knowledge is going to keep their contracts on track they will want to entice you to move to a place not quite as pleasant with some goodies that will entice you to go.  After you decide, you're on your own because your frame of reference is completely different than those trying to entice you to go.  So much of what we have we take for granted and a shift in perspective is easy from an armchair miles away.  Once you get "there", you have to put a new frame of reference together from parts you've never seen before.  That's why I opted to stick with the familiar and retire.

Well, as inflation takes big bites out of my retirement and as some one who is still young at heart, the right opportunity came along and now I'm a fully certified Google Trusted Photographer for Businesses, click on my business; Show-Your-Business.  I contract with businesses to put them on Google Maps and now I'm enthusiastic about the future once again with the right balance of social, technological and free time for family!

P.S. Check out Simone's, one of the businesses I shot.  This is interactive, so you can click on your mouse while in the view to look beyond the present field of view.
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Here's Donnis S. Hobson MD MBA

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And now, for an added bonus, Oneonta Gorge brought to you by Thomas Hayden, Google Business Photographer extraordinaire!
Lower Oneonta Falls in Columbia River Gorge

Friday, September 13, 2013

Architecture Requires Visionaries Willing To Take Chances Outside Of The Mainstream

During college years in Orange, California, interested in design as I was, there was an intriguing book in the waiting room of one of my early jobs at a graphic designer's studio. As with one generation after another, "change" was a buzzword that generated auspicious beginnings, a word that appealed to me after seeing "Five Easy Pieces" with Jack Nicholson. Frank Lloyd Wright and Buckminster Fuller invigorated creative thought for my generation, probably because there were movies about them shown in many scholastic environments where new ideas flourished.

The first "Earth Day" occurred while I was in College and was an interesting outlook. I had learned about recycling in Scotland when I had been involved in a project to save aluminum milk caps for our school and we'd been featured in a local newspaper to set the habit. When I thought about it, if metals are mined, might as well reuse it rather than toss it and get more. Similarly keep your car until the wheels fall off to conserve. There were definitely hints of the "us vs them" in what transitioning youth to adults see as liberation from the restraints of high school years. We all go through those changes with emphasis on "through".  There was no indication that politics would be hideously intertwined to demonize others through "us vs them" polarizing ideologies, pitting us against each other.  "We don't need no stinking politicians!"  When we're working towards our goals, politics is superfluous.

 Who doesn't like nature? Exclusive, wealthy neighborhoods everywhere in the world are immersed in nature. Just how did this ridiculous viewpoint solidify where politicians effectively pit us against each other??? Arcosanti is an experimental city under construction, initially providing an apprenticeship for architects near Scottsdale, Arizona. The creator, Paolo Soleri, a successful architect, envisioned a city with no streets concentrated with artistically fashioned amorphous shapes leaving the surrounding area natural for everyone's enjoyment. He sold his signature Bronze bells cast in sand with distinctive designs to finance his ambitious dreams and hoped to entice apprentices. That type of education is a pervasive orientation in respect of nature, which is common. Apparently the city is still progressing at some pace driven by different minds now that Paolo is long gone. How far we have come that 3 D printing now has the capability of constructing shelters!

Flash mob in the Copenhagen Metro. Copenhagen Phil playing Peer Gynt Suite No.1

Flash mob in the Copenhagen Metro. Copenhagen Phil playing Peer Gynt Suite No.1? Who would have though of this? Just shows how playful even serious musicians are!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

3D Printing Is Advancing Quickly And It's Impact Is Seeping Into The Wider Public Awareness

I'd heard of Shapeways and actually glanced at their pages before, but never fully realized the potential until I was contemplating, once again, how to get into this 3D printing revolution that is underway. Home 3D printing is still fairly close to the engineering stage, since the first 3D printers were near $80,000! Why should we expect to be able to have one on our desktop?

 Miraculously, the price has dropped significantly, but there are significant trade offs when contemplating what you can expect in quality. Desktop 3D printing can remain a prototype platform, since Shapeways brings finished products to market with their top quality 3D modeling system of the $80,000 variety and includes an interactive store, whereby a designer can send drawings to sell products built at Shapeway! What a brilliant business model!  Parts of world economics are faltering while other parts are blossoming.; such a state of flux!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Floating In Sound? -- Mind Blow #50

If you "need more input", here's a variety of interesting and, at times, beautiful "input".

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hydrofoils, From DIY to....?

Hydrofoil transportation is fairly complex and finicky while underway but Ray Vellinga has info to help improve your design time.  Tinkerers from all walks of life have attempted to beat gravity, even Leonardo Da Vinci!  Where would we be without tinkereres?

One of the most basic hydrofoils is the Aqua Skipper from Washington State.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Loopy? No, it’s Hyperloopy

Elon Musk's ideas float in rarified air, but unlike other dreamers, he has a way of making them real!  How
refreshing it is when most of us are, in the words of Lewis Carol, "Running as fast as we can to stay in the same place."  Now there's some vision for you.  Even in the times of the author of "Alice In Wonderland" he was able to stay ahead of his "stuff" enough to pack in enough time to write one of the most fanciful books of the century, to keep the dreamer in us alive and not merely relegated to childhood fancy.

On August 12th of this year his new idea to transport people from LA to SF in 30 minutes will be announced.

Loopy? No, it’s Hyperloopy

Elon Musk has proven himself over and over from the invention of "paypal" to the totally electric Tesla Roadster to his SpaceX exploration of redesigning spacecraft flight as a private non governmental effort, thus more fluid in redesign capability.

I sure would like to see a forward looking solution to the high speed rail project that has excited our political figures in our bankrupt state of California.  August 12th sounds like the right time!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hacking a $20 Toy Helicopter into an Autonomous Drone

I see the beauty of this more from the reference point of "thinking outside the box" adding to the hopes and faith in our cultural "can do" spirit that in our free country anything is possible. Limitations exist, most assuredly. It's just that some of us, fortunately, just ignore such self imposed limitations as trivialities and "get on with it".  After all, limitations put on us by someone else have to be honored by us to stop us from our experiments in creativity.  Just like water level, someone who has an idea and wants to see it move forward has no one but themselves to blame for limits.  Find a way.  Just think what a mind such as seen in this video will accomplish in his lifetime. As a fan of Elon Musk's forward thinking energy, his audacity of hope I CAN get behind. Helicopters are complex enough in themselves. I don't think this fellow ever considered there was a box.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Elon Musk: The mind behind Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity ...

Who is more visionary, yet straightforward in his thinking and analysis than Elon Musk? I, for one, feel so lucky to live during this time that we're able to see the fruition of the string of choicez made by someone such as this who considers criticism to be constructive while tackling truly basic questions through physics. At the end of this video he modestly answers questions about his process of analysis, discovery and progress. Here's where I found this lecture.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

C-1 fully-enclosed self-balancing motorcycle

I just could not omit this link I saw on the Lit Motors C-1, a fully-electric, fully-enclosed, self-balancing motorcycle. See Gizmag's complete article on the vehicle with pictures here.

 I've been an advocate of 3 wheeled vehicles for years, combining the fun of motorcycles with the comfort of cars, but lamented the fun of leaning to turn as with a motorcycle. This gyroscopic breakthough could satisfy a number motorcyclists! Certainly options could broaden appeal.

Here is a more radical 3 wheeler that would undoubtedly be fun, but lacks the lean.