Monday, September 8, 2008

A Natural Resource: Sarah Palin

On the campaign trail, we were well into business as usual when John McCain showed his maverick spirit by way of choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate. Like a clap of thunder and a ripple of energy, a star was born! We have seen a paradigm shift in the politically correct, intricate creation claimed to be solely the property of the democratic party, the liberated woman. How difficult it must have been for John McCain to hold back his secret surprise: An intelligent, accomplished woman effortlessly challenging stereotypes.

The politically correct mantra was rapidly putting a straight jacket on the American spirit. How refreshing that such people as Mrs. Palin are making the effort to stay on purpose using our proven and dynamic Constitution. Her endearing spirit and enthusiasm have done nothing but grow as she politely reveals more of her thoughts and ideas. She keeps her ego in check as she regularly compliments McCain, yet she is known to have been tough on righting issues that counter fairness to the people of the State she serves; Alaska. How refreshing, as Obama's Chicago thug methodology is incrementally exposed...(more on that later).