Friday, December 7, 2012

Hitting The Reset Button At 61 And A Half.

The company that kept me employed for the last 20 years has decided that the manufacturing wing where I was  (note, was) a Sr. Electronic Test Tech should be moved to a State less hostile to profits.  The regulatory attitude of California's state officials is legend.  The question is, will they ever wake up and realize, despite  their erudite wisdom, that they've shot themselves in the foot by undermining their tax base?  Doesn't look like it.  My crystal ball is fuzzy on the future time frame of the chaos ahead.

Well, I could have moved with the company, which has turned out to have painted a slightly more rosy picture of what was in store for the dedicated in the newer location.  That's to be expected, because it all boils down to leverage.  If your knowledge is going to keep their contracts on track they will want to entice you to move to a place not quite as pleasant with some goodies that will entice you to go.  After you decide, you're on your own because your frame of reference is completely different than those trying to entice you to go.  So much of what we have we take for granted and a shift in perspective is easy from an armchair miles away.  Once you get "there", you have to put a new frame of reference together from parts you've never seen before.  That's why I opted to stick with the familiar and retire.

Well, as inflation takes big bites out of my retirement and as some one who is still young at heart, the right opportunity came along and now I'm on my way to become a Google Trusted Photographer for Businesses, click on my business; Show-Your-Business.  I contract with businesses to put them on Google Maps and now I'm enthusiastic about the future once again!

P.S. Check out Simone's, one of the businesses I shot.  This is interactive, so you can click on your mouse while in the view to look beyond the present field of view.
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Here's Donnis S. Hobson MD MBA

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And now, for an added bonus, Oneonta Gorge brought to you by Tom Hayden, Google Business Photographer extraordinaire!
Lower Oneonta Falls in Columbia River Gorge