Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How plastic bottles can lighten up the darkness

Demi Boukas has come up with a win win solution to pay his electric bill.  He bought a solar light from a local guy in San Pedro, just south of Manila, Elok Vias.  Enthused by the new light, Demi decided to manufacture them himself and sell them for about a dollar apiece to improve the lives of those around him and keep his bills paid. See the video here.   The light consists of a plastic one liter bottle with some water and a touch of chlorine in it, capped and wedged into a hole in what is common in the area for roofs, corrugated metal.  A brilliant and simple solution to a problem largely overlooked.  We would like to congratulate him on his resourcefullness.  Demi is certainly one whose glass is half full rather than half empty!
Plastic bottles are taken for granted and regularly recycled, but rarely is the brilliance of their fossil fuel origins acknowledged.  The fuel savings of such a lightweight solution to glass bottles had immense repercussions worldwide when originally put into use.  Those who wish to eradicate fossil products from modern life would do well to "think it through" on their own before acting in harmony with a chorus of nay sayers.  We're especially impressed with this "Lighten up" video.