Monday, March 26, 2012

Transparent Administration?

It's difficult to watch the President talk about relieving pain at the pump for the millions of us who drive, because his statements are spoken in a condescending manner and have the effect of being divisive. Open discussion is not welcomed. Fortunately there are researchers who see through the smokescreen of erudite pomposity.Though seemingly simplistic with the plethora of educated discussion of world fuel complexity, personal conservation has become little more than an afterthought easily swept under the rug. Put simply, drive less and keep your car for a long time and in good shape and convince others to do the same, but keep the government out of your decision and away from others' personal decisions. Replacing your car with a fuel efficient model does nothing to save on the energy required to build that new car. The endless lawsuits playing out in the political world with payouts have all their costs filtered down to you and I filling our tanks. The truth is so much simpler and easier on the conscience. Thank you, Lou Dobbs!